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      Still hurting


i met him at a bar...but i did not notice him for the first days, i thought he was too cool for me...until we went to the beach...there i noticed him..he had a great voice that made me attracted to him..

he was handsome and he was a gentleman.. we were on the way back home when he first approached me to sit beside him but i insisted...

since then people teased us and the moment came he said i love you..

everything went well for the first days..

i gave up everything for time, my friends even my family..

people tells me he's a playboy...but i didnt believe in them cause i trusted him..

it was our first monthsary when i waited for him for hours alone..

but he didnt show up but i forgive him for that..

he had no time for me..

whenever im at this bar, he just passed me by and simply smile..

but i was still there..

it was crazy they said but i didnt care until a friend told me he was with he's ex..i went to see him the next day and i got a few drinks..he saw me and called me outside..

there he said..

"youre not here show me your vices and you don't listen to me..thats why i did that.."

i stared at him and answered back

"so..its over?"

he's answer

"yes it is.."

i didnt want to cry in front of him so i said

"okay then thanks for everything and sorry.."

he was about to hug me but i pushed him

"no..dont say supposed to be the one to say sorry..besides youre to young for me and i just feel sorry for you",.

i was in shock and all i said was

"i did my best"..

he yelled at me

"thats your best!!!!!!!!!!!"

that was ended..God knows how much i suffered cause of him..he was the first person i loved..he even joined this contest and sang a sad song and dedicated it to me..

after a year i saw him again and fate twisted that he was even steps away..but what hurts the most is he pretends like nothing ever happened..

the worst is im still hurting!!!!!!!!!!!


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