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      Long Distance Heart Breaker/Lover.


One day, I was playing a game, and I kept seeing this toon guy. So i figured I would say hey to him. I didn't know that he would be the guy I'd fall in love with. So we started talking a lot. Eventually, we exchanged numbers and emails. Ever since then we've talked 24/7 on the phone, msn, and texting.

That happened for about 4 months. Then he stopped talking to me, I knew something was wrong the night he did. It was the worst time of my life period. But then he started to talk to me again, about 2-3 months later. Then he met another girl, like I knew would happen. He cheated on me with her and stopped talking to me again for a long period, 6 months to be more exact.

Then we started talking once again, which was in July. Then I found out that he had done "things" with a girl who lived there. And once again we stopped talking. That time it happened i could barley get out of bed, but the weird thing is like every time we start dating he stops talking to me. We recently started talking again, in Augest. We decided not to date until we actually meet, which will be up to 2 years, cause we love each other so much, we don't want to risk it.

Today I have known him for 1 year and 3 months. In that time period we dated 12 times. He knows me better than anyone in the world. I would give up my life for him. I've loved him forever, even through all the stuff he's done to me. He's the best guy in the world, and I am very much looking forward to meeting him one day. He's my dream come true. Yea, we have fights, but we always get over them. We're ment to be. I love him more than anything, anyone.

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