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      Pain After Making Love


I love this man so much that i am prepared to even give my body to him. He always expresses his enjoyment and pleasure with this intimacy. However, there is something that bothers my mind. I am always so anxious to hear from him immediately after the lovemaking and he is always so distant and aloof. He remains in this mood until he reaches out to me again and tells me how much he want us to get close.


I am so confused as he keeps sending mixed signals. I am crazy about him and he calls regularly except immediately after the love making. I wonder if this is a man's way of showing love. Do men feel so secure after love making that they communicate less or his he loving me for my body. I feel so hurt and used during these moments because i feel like reaching out to him so much and he is so reserved and appears even cold.


The truth is he has another woman; in fact she was there before. I am also involved in another relationship but we are both so unfulfilled. I am suffering inside as i wonder if i should give up my guy for a guy who has nothing much to say after lovemaking.


This is so confusing as long after he says how great was the moment! I have asked him many times about his non-communication during these times and he just says he couldn't love me more and i am making up things. I really wonder if this is normal. All i want to do his share my feelings of closeness after making love.


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