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there was this guy who once loved me but i did nothing but push him away. yet he was always there for me and he never left my side. i didnt want to get used to him having around me but i got used to it. we had a relationship but it didnt last although we had a lot of memories together.. after we broke up we became friends..then suddenly he changed from being arrogant to being simple even in the way he wears he's clothes.we grew close and got to know each other deeply..he was the first guy i ever trusted and when im with him i dont have to pretend to be somebody im not im just me..the days were getting too fast..he was leaving for the states but he already told me before so i got myself prepared for it..we spent the last days together not noticing those long sleeved shirts, those jackets even if the sun really is shinning..the eyes that seem so weak that was covered with those dark shades..i found it weird but he told me that was nothing but i knew down inside there was something day i was teasing him i got he's sleeves pull up then i saw marks around..those nose bleeding and that he easily got was not him..i knew but he wanted me to ignore hes physical changes..we got along so well till he was so sad and it was hurtful but i had to face it..came my birthday and a phone call woke me was him..then he told why he really left..thats because his parents are still hoping he'd be cured..he had leukemia and those words shattered me ti tore me apart..i started to get lost and one night they just told me he passed away..thats when i knew why he lived like there was no tomorrow..i went to see their inside his room and i opened his computer, i saw our old picture together..and that hes friends told me that up to his last breathe he loved no one but me..that he didnt tell me cause he didnt want me to just simply have pity on took me so long to forget he's death..its been a year now..and i still hold on to he's last words that is.."in everything you do, ill always be behind you..i'll see you in heaven soon..dont worry, ill watch over you..i promise"


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