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      Loving a Married Man


I loved Alex before he got married and  i know i still do. I am just saying this because everytime i hear his voice or see him i am just so excited. The problem is before Alex got married we were so close but we both belonged to someone else.  I was married and Alex was living with his girlfriend. He was so dear to me and his actions were a strong conviction that this is what i have been waiting for.  Alex even promised to love me forever.


Alex is now married. I sometimes feel i was careless to let Alex go. I even wonder i had said goodbye to my  husband if Alex would have been with me. The point is i am still so much in love with Alex and still go crazy just thinking about him. 


How do you continue to love someone that is now married. What do i now do about Alex. He called me to say he still wants to go out with me but i just think it is best to move on. Admittedly, i know i have not deep down inside and this will always be the story of my life.


Does keeping all the longing inside ease the pain or is it best to just have fun with Alex. Just fantasizing on the possibilities....


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