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      Loving a Beggar


Have you ever been in a relationship that is great except for one flaw. Well i have met this man who is ideal physically and has a terrific personality. He knows just how to be charming and really add sunshine to my life; however, he is always in debt and that turns me off.


I find that after spending memorable moments with him he always turn around and ask for money (perhaps very small amounts) to either put fuel in his vehicle, renew car license, pay insurance etc, The point is he is usually asking me to finance something that is very important. I feel guilty If i hold back any inclination to show him generosity. I must admit though that it is becoming very disturbing as this is an obvious trend. 


Honestly, i am more confused when i think of his affection to me. He has never come across  as a pretentious person and he is always so helpful. My friend (i will call Jim) has a permanent job and has a child with another lady.  He is an excellent father and I know he is very responsible in so many ways. I just continue to feel so uncomfortable about his constant asking for money. I encourage him to budget wisely but he says he is doing his best and has so many expenses. Do you think i should continue giving this man money? 


Jim is so lovable that i fear loosing him if i start ignoring him. Should i really trust this man. How far should love take us?  I have not told Jim about this burden; instead, i withdraw and he wonders if i am just not interested anymore. What am i to do now?


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