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      The ring


it happened some years ago.. during our junior years in college. it was just a marriage for fun in school.A wedding ceremony took place at the school yard with all our friends and other students watching. A symbol of love he gave me after that ceremony. Our wedding ring. Which i keep with me all my life. It was just an ordinary ring. After that incident, love started to bloom between the two of us. He made me realize the beauty of being loved since that early years I was scared of falling for him.But then, i was too young to handle a serious relationship that it failed.. it was really a painful goodbye. years after, i heard nothing 'bout him and i started to open my heart again. I chose to love this guy who's been there in the most troublesome chapter of my life. He helped me picked up the pieces of my lost self again. But like all other love stories, it came also to sad goodbye... I never opened my heart again until this time when i heard bout this guy who gave me a wedding ring a few years back. I intend to tell him how sorry I am when i let him go and slipped from my gripped. I want to let him know that i miss him. I have this feeling that we won't make it after those long years of his absence. because he's got his new girl now and i don't want to ruin the relationship he has with her but i want him to know that i still treasure the token of love he once gave me with his promise to love me forever. The ring I never lost for all those years we're not together.


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