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      In love and never want to get out!


Omg! where do i start when i first discovered love was oh so young and it was hard for me to understand what i was going through. All  i knew was that the feeling was great and i noticed the feeling was much different than what i felt for other boys it was real and only HE could make me feel that way.  so it was 2003 i had my first love we dated for about a year and a half before we had our first break up but during that year and a half  i experienced so many things with him the good and the bad. so when we broke it wasnt easy and i never was ready to break up i missed him so much i became stressed and depressed my first and only love was so distance we weren't even friends. i was hurt. but i did use to see him often and every time we would look into each other eyes i knew and he knew we were still in love. after about 9 months of misery without my love we got back together in 06 i was so happy and interested in actually making things work this time around but sadly our relationship failed us again but this time it was him. He wasnt sure that he was ready to be faithful  and make a true commitment and he said he didnt want to hurt me so  he broke up with me. i was totally crushed i was so in love  with him and i didnt understand if you  love someone it shouldnt be so hard for a true commitment right? So i went through that pain again and again its like we were still in love with each other and we couldnt even be friends. so every time we were around eachother it was so awkward but yet so painful the guy i love is sitting right next to me and not even speaking a word to me. I Cried many  nights i just couldnt move on there was no one else who could make me feel the ways that he did i wanted and needed him.

eventually we lost touch So went months without talking so i went months in hell. till dis year 07 he surprised with a call on valentines day i couldnt believe it. i didnt even know what to say it was over whelming i told how much i missed him and we talked catching up it was great!!! we continued on talking monthly i noticed a little change as if we gotton more mature. Everything was falling back in place i felt complete although we still wasnt together but eventually we did!!! and  let me tell you we have one of the best relationships going ever. we built a strong friendship so if we ever break up again we will always be friends. we made love for the first time i am so happy with him i could never ask for anything more. i trust that he will never break my heart ever again. its like things is  so great every morning and night i hear those sweet words i love you  and now i feel we are unbreakable. im so in love!!!!


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