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Living in my world seems weird because some people didn't noticed me, even my classmates. It seems that I was invincible for them, but I gotused with it. Everyday, I go to school and go home. I really never havea friend or even have a little chat with my classmates. But one day,everything changed. There was a transferee, he came from other city.He's handsome, smart, and a pain in the ass. He sits at the chair nextto me and starting that day, he start to bug me. I was surprisedbecause for the first time, someone noticed me and start chatting withme, "But that thing wouldn't last," I said.

Months passed and he became popular in school and all the girlswere crazy about him. And I was surprised that he still want to befriends with me. Because of his closeness to me, the girls asked me tohelp them.

I tried to help but he said to me that, "Please don't push me tothem. I already have someone, and I will start to court her." I wassaw to hear that, and I don't know why.

A month passed, I don't see the girl he's talking about. Butthose days were my special moments. Because we often eat lunchtogether and he always take me home. One day, he asked me to a dinnerdate. I was surprised but I feel very special when he asked me. But fora moment I suddenly remembered the girl that he was talking about.

While we're eating at a fancy restaurant, I asked about the girland he just smiled, but I asked again if the girl dumped him. Then helooked at me and said, "You know, you're very cute and very innocent.You still don't know, right?" I was puzzled up and looked at him.

"What are you saying?" I asked. He looked straight to my eyesand held my hands, "When will you answer me? It's been a month when Istart courting you?"

I was surprised. When I heard all about it, after beinginvincible for so many years, here comes a guy who says he liked me.

"You know what? You're really different from other girls. You'rethe kind that always hiding yourself especially your feelings, and allof it. I fall for you and really LOVE YOU!!"

I didn't waste any minute to say what I really Feel, then webecame happy and I was never been invincible anymore because someonefind me as his treasure.


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