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There was a couple whom they're celebrating their 1st year anniversary. The guy gave her gf 12 roses and noted, "I'll love u till d last petal fall." The girl got angry and immediately leave the guy but still holding the flowers.

Weeks passed, and the guy got really sad and depressed because hecan't reach her gf. Then one day, the guy planned/decides to go to thehouse of the girl. He saw the girl with the other guy and immediatelyleave.

After that day, the guy wrote a letter and send it tothe girl immediately and after it, he took the knife and plunge itinto his heart. The girl received the letter and read it, "Hon...why?Myheart is in pain and I don't know what to do.If you really love him,then go. But please always remember that I love you forever and ever,even in my last breath..bye...

I will love you till the last petal fall..."

Afterreading the letter, the girl get puzzled and confused and immediatelyran to the house of the guy. To her surprise, she saw her bf dead andsaw her picture on his left hand. She tried to speak, but no voice cameout. Instead, tears start to fell. The girl blamed herself for thedeath of the guy and even tried to commit suicide, but her familyhelped her to recover.

One day, when she was cleaning hercabinet, she saw the box of roses that her bf gave her and when, sheopened it, she was surprised that one of the flowers is still alive.And when she pick it up, she noticed that it was fake and see a pieceof paper saying,

"I willlove you till the last petal fall, but this one is fake, so my love foryou will stay as long as you keep this as long as I live!!"



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