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      Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde


A year ago I was introduced to a good-looking, hockey playing jock with a huge heart. However when I first met him I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and was still grieving. You see I had a bad track record when it came to relationships because I always dated outside my culture and due to my parents strict rules no guy would put up that. So I explained my situation right off the bat and started a pool on how long it would take him to run! But he surprised me, he had a kind, patient and understanding heart.

He was my support when things got rough at home, my best friend, soul mate and lover. He wrote me beautiful love letters, and cards. He gave up his friends to stay home and talk to me on the phone...and boy did we talk, it was great.

Well 8 months into the relationship the cultural issues started to put a huge strain on the relationship. We were getting tired of never being able to spend time together, and the end was inevitable. For one month we broke up and got back together four or five times as it was so painful to be apart. Finally we both decided it was for the best to end it until the situation changed and remain friends for now.

Little did I know this man who once convinced me that he would stick with me no matter what and never leave me, and help me thru my situation, would become a coward and desert me. One month went by and no phone call from him. So I casually called and to my surprise I found someone who was cold and had no time to even ask how I was. When things got bad at home and I needed his friendship surprise, surprise he was nowhere to be found. I haven't heard from him since. He broke my heart and shattered my trust. He did exactly what I told him my last boyfriend did to me, and I believed him as he told me he would never do the same.

I didn't do anything to deserve this. Breaking up with someone when you're forced to is really harsh. I still have deep feelings for him, and I would gladly take him back. I just need closure and an explanation for his cold, distant behavior.


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