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      Metamorphosis for love??


'Love' causes a blindness that cannot be described, it places you under some kind of unbreakable spell..  'it' causes you to do things you've never even heard of, you say things that makes you sound like the 'Philosopher of the century'!!!  You force yourself to believe that you cannot live without "this person", who is causing the metamorphosis in your behaviour. 


I went through this transfiguration once....  and I got hurt, so deeply that the wound is still visible..  We met by chance, in a mall of all places!!! I was visiting my father, and I bumped into this "perfect creature"!!!  One look from those eyes was enough to change my life forever...


To make this long story very short, this man became my whole life, But the complication was that we lived in different towns.  To me, this was okay-because I knew that I would never cheat or leave him...I loved him more than anything on earth..... It took me years to realize that he never felt the same... this had broken me, because I always had this impossible hope that maybe one day he would find his way back......He didn't.


Today, I know that we were never ment to be and that He was the cause of my translation..... into someone that I'm not and will never be!!!  I loved you so much, but you never saw my efforts to stand by you, no matter what...


I'm happy now, I hope you are too...... you are not a regret, just a sadness, a hunger that will never be filled.. this will last my lifetime...


If one day I have the honour of going to heaven, I would like to meet you there again...


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