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      What Love Really IS?


Well I have been in love and out of love. I have know the phases of love : the ebbing and the rising of passion, the boredom and excitement, the sunshine and the clouds. I am convinced that there are seasons in every relationship and until we realize this truth whenever there is pain we will just give up on love.  The passion or chemistry between two lovers is not constant and will never be. It is no wonder betraying one's partner is an action that sooner or later will confront most relationships. Staying in love is an interplay of so many variables that we really shouldn't wonder so much when it fails. 


Who would deny the passion that comes when we are locked in the arms of a lover? But the sad truth is it is not always the arms of the one who has been around for years.  Oh  life!  Why is the thrilling and exciting usually forbidden. 


Love is really understanding the seasons that are a part of every relationship and being committed to even the cloudy and listless days. It calls for strength to resist the arms of passion when your lover is helpless in reviving that flame; honesty to your admirers even when you are dying to run to them; compassion that will lead you to care for your lover who has been with your through all the storms of life even when s/he has no appeal.


All this my friends is love.  If you are not at this point in your relationship then with time if you truly care you too will get there.



From the author of "Walked Away"



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