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      My Time has Come...


All of us go trough life searching..... searching for one specific person, a person who you can LOVE, a person who will become the reason for your existence.....but eventually we end up with several scars of disappointment and grief!!  I'm sad to say that not all of us will end up with our first choice...there's always that One that you just couldn't let go... you cried and grieved over this person for ages and you promised yourself that no other soul would ever take his/her place!!  Then you start comparing all other potentials with this ex 'perfect mate', causing you to eventually lose you sanity.  In this process of denail, you soon relize that your cold heart is still broken and that it needs to be fixed!!!  You're still searching for true love(if I may call it that), even though you think that all  your chances for happiness are destroyed.  We tend to get impatient, we want our OWN SENSE of time to manipulate the clock.


My Grandad used to sing me this song from one of ELVIS's movies, it goes "You're time hasn't come yet baby, you've got a lot of dreams to go, you're time hasn't come yet baby, but WHEN it does-you're heart will know"  What crap I thought, What do old people know anyway??

Who wants to wait for love, when I can have it NOW??


Well, today I'm happier than I've ever been, I stopped searching!!!  I started to WAIT, because though we get impatient- GOD's TIME and planning is perfect!!  I was hurt once, I thought I would never be really alive again.  But, when I least expected it, ONE man changed my whole life.  He picked up all my broken pieces and fixed me...  I know for a fact that ONLY GOD can do such perfect work, HE sent me an angel....MY FIRST CHOICE!!


Grandad, You were right- but only now- MY TIME HAS COME...




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