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      The Pain of Unrequited Love


After several attempts at loving just one person who only used my body for pleasure, this was my daily story:               


 The Malnourished     Child


 Like a malnourished child, dried up and desperate for food

She goes roving around and roaming into familiar territories

Just searching for something to nibble, anything to swallow

But not too much!!Oh she knows too well, that this is just to ease the starvation

Just enough to bring back life to a dying soul And now that she has eaten and feels re-energized, she senses and rejoices

This quick surge of energy, euphoria and lightness

She skips along, but still dithering about the new state of being

Oh what can a morsel do to one so famished!

On and on she goes wondering if the intermittent nibbling was only  a reminder of her lonely existence.

A kind of mimic to true fulfillment and Utopian connection

And so she reflects and regains consciousness  


  Oh unwise of her, which fool would starve for food that leaves you hungry?A meal that lifts you up then drains life and strength from your body like a drunken fool;

Oh what trap for a malnourished soul, what weight to carry after the faked supper?

Thank God, consciousness returned with enough pain to avoid the danger zones - places she now knows too well;

No there will be no regression for the wise man knows what food to take to fill a starving soul.

For it is only spiritual food the will transform lives and bring true and lingering happiness, that will continue on and on…..never fading!                                                                      


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