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      She is living my dream


i am so lost without u

ever since i met you

my life has never been the same

i wrapped my world around you

and made you my


you were seriously my dream come true

but u really don't realise do you?

you are drilled in my head

and i can't and won't get you out.


I cant keep this to myself

i need you desperately

although u love somebody else.

i could tell you i love you

but would that even make a difference this time??

i could give u everything

i could make you really happy

i could find a reason for you to be mine

but there is too many to name.


the time we spent together

were the best I've ever had.

you made me the happiest girl ever

but now..the saddest.

nobody will ever really understand

they think its just a crush/lust

but its not. its so much more.

I'm in love with you.


time goes by so slowly

when I'm not with you.

i sit and wonder where you are

and wonder if your with her.

this is really tearing me apart.

You don't know how long i have waited

and you don't know how much i have longed

just to hold you.

did you really love me

the way u said you did?

I've never cared for someone as much i do

for you.


Trying to move on is a nightmare

People tell me to walk away

and leave you and her be.

but to me i do not care

what they say

i will love you anyway.


Seeing you with her tears me apart.

it hurts so much

wishing it was me.

My life wont be same without you

You made my wishes come true.

and to me

you have a hero's face

if you ever need me

I'll be there

whatever time or place.


I just wanted us to be together

i feel we didn't spend enough time

to actually realise what we were going to do.

But now time has completely run out

my heart is blue without you

believe me its true.


I Don't want to leave this all behind

but i get my hopes up

and watch them fall every time.

Maybe we will find a place

to be together someday

but its so hard

to watch this all


fade away.


i suppose i will have to go my own way

and eventually move on someday.

I sit and listen to all my friends

love stories

and wish i had one.


just one.

mine and yours.


I'm thankful i did once,

had you in my life

and I'm glad i have the memories

that made my world bright.

But now everything is just grey

only you can make these tears go away.


you did something to me that i can't explain

holding me close erased all my pain

Run away with me to another world

And we will rely on each other

From one lover to another.


There is really no doubt

that when your in love

there is no way out.

With you

i challenged

love at first sight

its seriously true

i think about you

day and night.


To me, you speak a language of love

and you are a lifetime of dreams

when it comes to you, I'm not scared of love

whatever it might mean.


To Me your heart is my star

of every night and everyday

looking in your eyes

they just wash me away.

and i fall for you more and more

i hang on every word you say.


when i was feeling blue

i just had to look at you

when you kissed my lips

i started to shiver

i couldn't control

the washed away river.



i wish i could show off

the boy i truly love

i pray up to the angels above

to send you back my way

i miss you so

My eyes Crying a stream

reminding myself

she is living my dream.





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