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      Married Women


When I met her she was already married. In the car while going over to get burgers I knew this lady was the one. We talked and she

told me that she had not slept with her husband for ten years.

(they had no children) She said that she had lovers thru the years.

Fair enough I thought and next thing we knew we were dating

and making love. (it was a long distance relationship and we talked and tex messaged all the time.) I fell in lover with her, smart classy lady. Now she is going thru a bitter divorce and its breaking my heart because she just

does not want to talk to me as much. She just wants to be friends.

Silly me that I fell for her, and she reminded me that she had warned

me of the future. I had hoped that when she was over the divorce

that I would have a place in her heart, but as everyone says that just

does not happen. Yeah the next guy will be more lucky with her, but

as for me, my heart just stopped ticking. I am too sincere and it seems

I will never learn. I love being in love, and I need to learn to love the right

person. I trully thought she was the one. Forever.


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