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      Love to be given another chance at a later date


She is eleven years younger than me. We met when she was 15,wild,and with the body and experience of someone 10 years her senior. I was one of her counselors at this school for sexually abused girls. The more I got to know her, the more frigtened I became. One night as I was walking down a dark corridor,she appeared from out of nowhere and planted a kiss on me that still sends chills down my spine a quarter of a century later.

I immediately reported it to the head of the school and was moved to a different area-but I couldn't get her out of my mind.When I got ready to leave the school some of the girls ran up to say goodbye. When I turned around she was there and whispered in my ear"there's more where that came from";I knew she was referring to the kiss.

I was on the rebound and fell in love with the next girl I dated. In retrospect I married the first socially acceptable girl within on year of meeting her. Dreams and thoughts of the first girl plagued me for about 15 years.

Years later I started working in a factory and guess who worked there. You guessed it, the girl from my dreams.

She told me that she had always loved me and still did. She said I could have her anywhere,anytime,in every way. At this time we were both married and did not want to hurt our families. By this time she had cancer, my wife had cancer,I had a heart condition,and her husband was dying with liver cancer. We decided to stick with our spouses and honor our wedding vows-till death us do part. If we survive our spouses THEN we will get married.

This is a sad but true story.


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