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      How do I say goodbye?


My husband and I have been married for nine years and have three beautiful children. It wasn't a loving marriage. He would always be flirting with girls, and I would eventually find out. But my heart keeps holding on for the children and that one day he will love just me. But now it is nine years, and he has just told me that he was in love with another girl. The saddest thing is he was in love with a girl that knew me, knew him, and knows our life. They have sex, and I don't know what makes him turn around and come back home, but I am so devastated knowing they both knew who I was.

I keep on saying I forgive him, but it seems to be a lie only. Really, I am so hurt, and I just want to be alone. But I don't know how to let go, how to say goodbye.

Everybody wants me to give him one last chance, but my heart wants to let go. I am too afraid to be hurt and stepped on again. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I keep on thinking that someone out there loves me more, and that no matter how much I keep holding on, it is just not worth it anymore.

He leaves everything on my shoulders, and I am just so darn tire of it, but I really don't know how to let go. I am too afraid to hurt anyone, but I can't stop thinking of him and her doing that to me too. I am just torn apart. I want love and need love, but I am so weak to make a decision. I hate the both of them very much.

To all the flirters and players, love only comes once, once it passes you by, it is gone forever. Be very careful with your life.


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