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      The bad boy.


Just about every girl falls for that one "bad boy" the one who your parents wouldn't be very happy with if you brought him home, depending on how old you are not allow you to go out with him, but you still will. This summer i got my first actual job. It was at a restaruant and at first i thought i was going to hate it. Well that thought lasted until i met him. He is 4 years older than me, but it doesn't really matter. He's funny, sweet, crazy and definantly has the bad boy look with the peircings and he also had the bad boy record. Working with him actually made me look forward to going to work! We would have a blast working together, we'd draw on each other with markers, smiley faces, stars, and just little doodles. We were both very childish when it came to being around each other. We'd snap each other with towels or scare each other stupid stuff but we had fun. One day he snapped me so hard i turned to snap him back and i tripped over a fan and slammed my arm on the edge of a counter. It for some reason didn't hurt even as it turned into a tumor looking lump on my arm. I just laughed about it but he definantly didn't. He felt so bad, he felt it was his fault. Every 5 minutes he'd come and put his hand on my shoulder and ask me if it felt any better. He would go and get me ice and he did all the work that i was supposed to thinking that it would magically make the lump on my arm go away. " I'm so sorry," is what I would hear for days and time after time I would forgive him. When my arm was all healed he was relieved and promised he'd never do anything where I'd end up getting hurt again. So work went on and we'd only look forward to the days when we both worked together and complain to each other when we wouldn't be. Everyone who worked with us would tease us saying we liked one another, but i hadn't accepted the fact that i liked someone as bad as him yet. He knew how good i was compared to him and he respected it very much. If i would walk in not smiling he knew something was wrong and he'd do everything he could to make me smile, usually all i needed was for him to look at me in the eyes and smile, so then i'd smile feeling all warm and happy and wanting to just go and wrap my arms around him. One day when he smiled at me i did just that i just wrapped my arms around him and he hugged me back.  It was one of those amazing hugs, hugs that make u feel like your floating and safe. We would go on our break together sitting outside me eating a popsicle, him smoking a cigarette and drinking energy drinks, laughing and talking about everything. Days went by and whenever id hug him he'd not give me that same hug. He'd do those one arm hugs or just even stand there. It bothered me so one day when we were just standing around in the kitchen i said to the other 2 guys working with us he hates it when i hug him, so to show them what i ment i hugged him and he just stood there, i siad see i told you and they started to laugh. Then they said do it again and look at his face so i did and he was smiling! they said everytime i'd hug him he'd smile and the only reason he wouldn't hug me back is because he knew it bothered me so it made me hug him even more. I was thrilled so i turned and i looked to see his reaction to them having said it and he was just smiling and actually blushing. Time went on and when i went on my vacation he would text me and ask how i was, what i was going to do that day and telling me the latest drama from the restaruant. The day after i got back was a bad day. I got to work and he was there. He came over and gave me a hug and asked how my flight home was and if i'd had fun and how much i missed him. Then he said he had some bad news...he was moving to go to school and he had a new job and everything lined up. He wasn't going to start school right away but he started his job in a few weeks and that he was going to be quitting. We made the best of our last 2 weeks together, having water fights with the hose outside, drawing hearts and "i <3 u!" on each other. Laughing and smiling about everything. I knew i missed him but i hadn't realized how much until yesterday when i walked into working having a terrible day and went into the kitchen only to see his replacement who of course didn't ask me  what was wrong and make me happy again like my bad boy would have. I stood there and squeezed my eyes shut to hold back the tears that were forming. I'm afraid that what we had is over and now that he's gone he'll forget about me. He means alot to me and i don't think i've ever felt this way about someone before. He makes me feel alive and happy no matter what.  


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