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      Love at first sight-still together 27 years later


I am a minister. I met my wife at an all day gospel sing in Spottsville, Ky. on sept.23,1979. I proposed on oct. 18th, and we got married nov. 20th,1979. Her family was friends with the pastor of the church and I had started attending the church 2 months prior to the gospel sing. I was there trying to help the church grow. We went from 18 to 54 in number in the 2 months I was there. On the day of the gospel sing I got up to sing-looked back to the back left side of the auditorium. When I saw her, it nearly took my breath away. She brushed her hair out from in front of one eye with her left hand, I saw the glimmer of a ring(I prayed that it was not a wedding ring;it wasn't), I thought"I wonder what it would be like to be married to her".    In less than 3 months I had my answer-I was married to the most wonderful woman in the world.

     On Sept.23rd 2003,24 years to the day that we met-I underwent surgery for pancreatic cancer. When I woke up in a drug induced stupor after surgery,I asked what day it was and she said it was 7 pm on the evening of my surgery. Upon hearing that, I said happy anniversary. My mother was in the room and commented that our anniversary was in november; that is when my wife said today is the anniversary of the day we met. I didn't get out of the hospital till october 19th, and the only time during those days that she left my side that first week was to take my son to work and pick him up.

My surgery was a distal pancreatonomy and before I woke up the doctors told my family that the operation they performed on me was about twice as hard on the body as a coronary bypass-and then they told my family that they didn't expect me to live.

     Today is sept.16th,2007 . I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on sept 15th 2003, which makes me a 4 year survivor. I that time I have been diagnosed twice with pancreatic cancer, undergone chemo 2 separate times as well as radiation. I have stage 3 inoperable pancreatic cancer.

     99% of pancreatic cancer patients are dead in 6 months to 1 year after diagnosis. A good womans' watchcare,prayers, and love have helped me beat the odds.

      Nov.20th will be our 28th anniversary.


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