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      Patience is the virtue


During college years, I got this boyfriend on my 4th year. He is very witty, fun to be with and so much in love with me..however he is so protective to the extent that I can not do my own stuff anymore. Danny is my friend's older brother and 3 years my senior. He is so serious of the relationship that he wants to know and be w/ me every single moment when it is not possible at that time.I am studying away from my family and so he is. His parents are so lovely that I even considered them as my own for his mother is my teacher back in high school. His parents adore me and even trusted me so fully w/ only Danny and me at their house and even sending me money for my weekly allowance. It was really great! however I cannot stand it when he almost take over my life as if I do not have my life of my own.


During my 5th year in college, I would not even noticed my classmate Jay. His friend got a crush on me. One day after school,Jay's friend visits the house along w/ him. Things turn out weird for Jay, after that visit wanted to stay and spent long hours to use my computer for our school project. That became everyday and Jay always ending up doing going home wee hours in the morning. I developed a certain feeling for him w/o even noticing it. I broke up w/ my boyfriend and Jay and I became couples one day after the break-up.


I did not realize that things happens so fast that we actually ended up sleeping together almost everyday and spending our time together every vacant hours we have. We graduated college at the same time and I was able to get a job ahead of him and we ended up living in one roof where both our families do not have any hint on what is going on. Until the day came where I became over protective and became so jealous of almost everybody that surrounds him nevertheless he stays and respects me.


From that on. there were no days that we do not argue on some things. He fired up easily and I answer back  and he asked to split up w/ me but I never give up on him. Until such time that time that he started to beat me  in front of people physically and I am emotionally harassed. I was so much in despair and still I did not give up on him.I continue to love him and do my responsibility as her partner. There are some days that we are fine but we always have fights almost every week.


I started to question myself why am I doing those stuffs. I feel that i miss something in my life. I give up my time w/ friends and my focus is all up to him. I started to realize things day by day and one day I woke up realizing all things we'd been through. I changed. He noticed it. I resigned from my work and went to another city to work and that we are still together until moving to another city.  He confessed and promise to be the man I wanted him to be and cried upon confession. We cried together and made vow to forget the past behind and live a new life. He wanted me back and he realized how great my impact is to him. He promised me to be the best boyfriend he could ever be. I accepted him back and before he left abroad he promise to marry me when he comes back and  now we are engaged. It is just so amazing that we are transformed from our monsters in us to a believer of our love for each other in four long years. Now, we are so happy expressing our love for each other and I am so happy that from a guy who used to be so tough to me became the guy I dreamed of. As of  now we are saving to buy a house for our future family and remained happy and in love.


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