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      I still have hope


"We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly." When I first started my high school career, I knew verylittle about love. But all that changed, when I developed a crush on asenior boy. I told my friends, the goal for my freshman year was tobecome friends with “Mr. Prince Charming”. All year long, the mostcontact I had with him was passing by him through the hallways. I knewthat I was being ridiculous, and that I should probably go aftersomeone my own age, but I was mesmerized by his good looks. Everyopportunity that I had to see him, I took, in hopes that he mightnotice me. Everyone thought I was crazy and my older sister, who’s alsoa senior, and her friends used it as an opportunity to laugh at me.Even when my sisters friends went and told him that I liked him, Istill kept my head up high, hoping that something good might come aboutunder my embarrassment. Three quarters of the school year passed by,and my crush on him still hadn't disappeared. Surprisingly, my hard workpaid off because a week later he came up to me and said, “Hey, tellyour sister I said hi”. Words couldn’t describe the joy I had from himfinally talking to me, even though I wished he would’ve stopped at“hey“. I planned what I would say to him everyday at home, but when Isaw him at school, all that I could manage to say was hi. Thehighlight of my day, was when he walked by me at lunch with his friendsand kicked my foot or said something incredibly lame, but meant theworld to me. It breaks my heart every day coming to school, knowingthat I have one less day left my crush, because he is graduating andleaving off to college. I still remember the final goodbye when he came up to me acting like he was going to beat me up but he gave me a hug instead and said he would miss me. Even though I didn't have a fairy tale ending withmy “Prince Charming“, the goal for my freshman year became reality, and that is one thing I will never regret. I still have hope that one day later on in life I will accidentally bump into him. I know that as a reader you may think I'm to young to know what love is but in my opinion no one can be to young to feel love.

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