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      Learning to let go those gorgeous blue eyes


I met him three years ago in the most random of ways at a job interview.  But, fifteen minutes into the interview, I knew it wasn't an interview and I guess so did he.


We are both in our late 30's and professionals in the world of business and had a few dates - which I did not realise were dates, I thought we were getting to know each other.  He thought it was clear we were dating and then so many misunderstandings of his feelings, my feelings that nothing has ever transpired.


All I know, is I have spent the last three years trying to get over him and his blue eyes.  I have met other men who I could make do with yet, no one who touches my heart the way he does. 


As we work in the same industry, I see him only at conferences and we are still single.  Every time I see him my heart jumps out of my chest and my whole body reacts to being in his presence.   We can be in a room with 1,500 other people.  But, he's the only one present for me.


After 2 1/2 years of thinking about him, I finally got in touch with him in May and we saw each other briefly.  It was magical and yet, again nothing evolved.  As I had such strong feelings for him, and I thought he felt the same - I tried to communicate with him.  However, he's pretty much given me the cold shoulder.


And, its time I let him go.  It hurts, as there is something about him - when I am with him it feels so right. 


But, love can't be a one-way street.  So, tonight I choose to let go this dream, because it simply is just that a silly dream and its time for me to live in the real world. Where sometimes dreams don't come true.




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