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When he came home she ran into his arms, not knowing the secret that await.She cried what's wrong, he told, she cried. She asked how why when who. He couldn't answer. It was another that's all he said she cried he described vague details, she plugged her ears and cried till he whole body hurt. why she asked why me is this suppose to be out of pitty did he love me out of pitty he thought i was shy and alone, she wanted to die, die a slow death. but no god had something in store for her. her husband and her after two long years  worked everything out, so he brought his new lover over, and she was to await that he left her for a MAN!! sure she was stunned but it wasn't a big  deal, if he's happy who cares. well the girl had a surprise too! she got married in hawaii, of course he was not invited AKWARD! it was two months ago and she was five months pregnant. so thats why god didnt want her to die she was in store for a surprise an new life and a new family to start it.


 see when you say my heart is so broken i just want to die or i would die for this guy,i mean first of all why would you say it and second, you wouln't die, believe me if a guy came at you with a knife in bed you sit him on top of you to take the beating. thats what we girls, ladys, woman, old farts ( LOL JK) do we think the man is the tough guy the one and only he does the hard stuff. so when you say you would take your life for him, your just setting yourself up for nothing. love is out there and even though i have not personally found mine yet, believe me everyone has their's you cant want to die and your not going to and you wont for a LONG time, so sit back relax, and i assure you that your one and only is out there.


i dedicate this posting to will i ever get over him one and two.

 you will find another even if you have your lady problem most guys dont care about that just that they have a warm body to hold and touch that they can call their own their one. some guys aren't pigs and most don't cheat and those that do, well words can't explain how much i wanna kill you guys!!

but i wouldn't do that!! LOL

god bless everyone that has been in a dirty position just believe and know that god will clean it up for you. Remember: GOD PUT YOU ON THIS EARTH FOR A REASON SO CHILLAX!!


                               a home skillet peepet!! peace out



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