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      Will I ever be over you 2


Today I feel somewhat different then the day I wrote the first story on here.  I still love my husband very much and I would die for this man, I truly would.  He came over today to get some of his things and his little girls stuff.  He would not take all of her things because he knew that I loved her like my own and I want to still spend time with her. At first he said he wouldn't let me see her anymore but things calmed down now and he realizes that she needs me and I need her.

Anyways while, Tim was here we had a really long talk and I have came to realize that Tim does love me and always will, he just needs his space right now.  He hugged me today and told me he love . People tel me not to get my hopes up so I want be hurt, guess I am already hurt, can it get worse?  Yeah, Tim took stuff today, but he still hasnt taken everything and the reason he came is cause I called and told him come get it, it was hurting me seeing it there.  I have been very emotional wreck and have eaten or slept in days and Tim was worried today about me and my health.  I gueniunly think that he loves me and wants to be with me for the rest of our lives, there is just problems to deal with and he didnt know how to do that here.     

I guess I keep writing on here to get my emotions out and advice from anyone of what to do or how to hang on or let go?????? Any advice??????????????


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