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      Will I ever be over you!


I met my second husband at a bar in November, 1998,  in the beginning he thought the world of me and i was not sure for I was still going through a divorce from my first husband who cheated and cheated and cheated.  I decided to give Tim a chance , we had a beautiful cowboy wedding in Dec 04, 1999.  To be honest, the day I met Tim I knew he would never hurt me the way my x did, Tim was a kind, loving, honest, caring, wonderful man, hard working.  Tim worked so I was a stay at home mom for the most part I had 3 kids and he had one little girl. I did the household stuff, cooking, cleaning, ironing, taking care of kids, laundry, took trash off, ran the errands, done the grocery shopping,  picking up his daughter every time we got her and watching her for the most part cause he did work hard and alot.  I also made meals almost every night for him to take to work for him and buddies.  I learnt to make different desserts that were his favorite and things like that.

I mean like most couples we had  problems from time to time, who doesn't.  I really and truly thought that this would be the man that I would spend the rest of my life with.  I could see the two of us growing old together.  Spoiling our grandchildren together and sending them back home for our kids to deal with. LOL

Then I had alot off female problems over the nxt few years and had to have complete hysterectomy 4 years ago and I admit it changed me physical, emotional and sexual.  I had mood swings, gain weighed, didnt feel desireable anymore, so I wanted less sex.  But I still wanted Tim and loved him in every way and thought he did the same.

 Over the past few months we started arguing more, he would not communicate at all with me.  I tried to call him, text him even email him , nothin, cold as ice.  Finally poured my heart out to him in a long long letter.  Still nothing, then he decided he wanted out, I knew there was someone else, the signs were there, I just kept saying no no not Tim, he would never.  WEll he has and now I sit here a week later trying to pick up the pieces of my broken heart once again.  I just dont know how to go on this time, I have loved this man for 9 years now and I can't just say one day oh I dont care or love you anymore.  One of the hardest things is he tells me he loves me and always will.  Said he needs time, and  he could still see  himself spending the rest of his life with me, but yet he is gone, how can you do that?  I wish I could understand that.

I know that I will love him till the day I die, I would do anything if he would only try!  I don't think I will ever be over you, I will always love you! Any suggestions ??????email me


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