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      Turned to nothing


There was a going away party for my friend and that is where I met HIM. It was an instant connection. We had sparks flying from the first night we met each other.

The second night, we stayed at the beach from 1 till about 5 in the morning. We didn't even realize we were talking for so long. Soon after that, I found that I spent every minute with him when I wasn't at work or at school. We were only seeing each other for a few weeks, but the phone calls stopped. My friends told me that he was fine and nothing was wrong with him. I called him but he just didn't want to talk. I was wondering at this point why something that was so right had turned into nothing. This man, or should I say boy, just swooped up my heart and threw it back to me like it was nothing. Then a couple weeks after the phone calls stopped, I found out he went back home to the other side of the country. I just wished he had the nerve to say bye.

I just have one question, why can't men ever be straight up with women?


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