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      Eventually love


Brady was the one I loved. I wanted to marry him. we had been together for three years of high school. I got a scholarship, and his parents could afford to send him to any school. But, I could not convince him to come with me. See where I am going with this? He was convinced that everything would be okay. Brady went off to college, and so did I. Things went fine- then Xmas break came. It was really great to get to spend a whole month with him again. We laughed at how independence had changed us. We had a few quite moments where we didn't know what to say to the other- that was new. ON spring break I decided to drive to his apartment at college and surprise him. He wasn't home, but his amazingly beautiful girlfriend was there. I told her I was in a study group of his, and I pretty much got enough info from her. They had been dating ever since the beginning of the semester. He had actually met her when he got drunk and fooled around at a party right before he came home for Christmas. I was heartbroken. I never called him again. Ever! He called me a little at first, but when I wouldn't return his calls he gave up. It was heartbreaking. And I was sad when he did give up- but I told myself if he loved me - he wouldn't have given up -he never even tried to come to my house and talk to me.

My junior year I met a new guy. I dated a little here and there but wasn't ready to take the plunge again. I met a great guy, Mason. We spent a lot of tie together. He had been hurt several times before, and we had common threads. By my senior year we were very serious. We never left each other's sight. And then he asked me to marry him. I said yes. We graduated. He accepted a job 550 miles from my hometown, and I made arrangements to move. Although I resented him for taking the job.

I was going to stay home for the summer, and get all ready for the move, spend time with my family, and get ready for my wedding. That is when I ran into Brady. He had his two year old son in tote. Jackson, from , yes, his girlfriend he had before. I tried not to act like it drove me crazy. That was supposed to be my child. My husband. He told me how they had broken up when she cheated on him. Imagine! What comes around goes around I felt like shouting. Then he noticed my engagement ring- and I told him all about mason, and the wedding, and moving. He looked sad. Then he gave me his #. He told me to call if I ever needed him- he had moved to an apartment just right inside town. That night he called me at my parents house. He cried- I said that I had moved on. We hung up, and I wondered if I had. But I had! I loved Mason. Mason called and I remembered how much I loved him. We started talking about the details of our wedding, and I said a smart ass comment about moving. He got irritated. "Well you never even asked me! It's my life too!" I remember saying. We got into a fight and hung up. We didn't talk for a few days, and I began to get angry, and wonder, and I started thinking of Brady a lot. And I called him. I made a big mistake. I should've never even gone to visit him, but I did. I just wanted to see him. This was a ma who had so much power over my whole life and existence. -at least at one time. And I slept with him. He didn't call for three days, and I was furious! I felt so used and cheated again- but I was a cheater now too. And I began to become eaten up with guilt. I tried to put it behind me. Mason came over with roses, but I couldn't even look at him. I was so ashamed and he knew something was up. SO I told him. "Of all people" he said. I was no different than Brady, and now I knew it. Mason called off the wedding, and moved. He wouldn't return any of my phone calls. Five months went by, and I had called Mason everyday, and ignored Brady's calls everyday. But one night I realized that Mason was never going to call again- and I gave up. I answered the phone that same night when Brady called. I think as a rebound I got back with him. And for the first year I never trusted him. And then I started to. love renewed itself. And we were married. We were married for three years, and had a daughter, Abby together. Brady cheated on me again. Once a cheater always a cheater I guess- for some people - but not me. I was happy married to Brady- but I knew that Mason was the one. I had really missed him, and wondered about hi often. But he had out me totally behind him. I divorced Brady, and moved with Abby to a house of our own. I generated happiness, and success for me and my daughter alone for a year. I dated a little- but I was just sick of the games mostly. Then I decided to just go to find Mason. I knew where he worked, and I was sick to death of my unfinished business. Mason would not see me. Six weeks later he called me. He told me he was seeing someone, someone honest, and to leave him alone. I should, I remember thinking,. I owe him that- her too. I remember how I felt when I was the one finding out I had been cheated on. I hadn't tried to bother him again in the six weeks though, and asked him why he called. He said because he had to call and be rude, otherwise he would say what he really wanted- and that was that he wanted to see me. I agreed to leave him alone.

4 months later he called me. He said he was single. And I said I still was too. We started dating, and even moved in together. Things were so great. Awesome! And we were even talking about getting married. I came home a little late on night, and he let the cat out of the bag! He thought I was cheating on him. He said he could never trust me no matter how much he loved me because of what I had done to him, and that I had wrecked his life. I kept telling him that I loved only him- and had for so long. Then he told me that every time he looked at Abby's face he thought of Brady- and me cheating on him. Mason and I broke up.

I live in my hometown now. Married. Happily. I have a husband, and two kids by him, Ross, And Jeffrey. I am happy- and Abby is happy.

I see Brady now and then- when Abby has recitals at school. He's an alcoholic, and hasn't changed much. He's got a new girlfriend every week, and three other kids now, besides Jackson, and Abby.

When I see Jackson, I know how Mason must have felt. But _I don't feel that way now when I see Jackson. I did a long time ago.

Mason is married. I heard from a friend of ours from college. He's happy, and has two kids, a boy, Zach, and a girl Lannah.

Life has done him a favor. But, I will always wonder what if I hadn't gone to see Brady. What if? Well, I might have Mason, but I wouldn't have Abby....and I wouldn't trade her for the world.


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