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      Endless pain


really i had the best love story anyone could ever had . let me tell you my story first i had a horrible relations with awful guys i can't never find the prince of my dreams some day i was out with my friend and i saw him , at the first sight i thought that i saw him before few minutes later he came and told me sorry , but have we met before? really i shocked and told him no and it was our first date


 then the days came and i loved him more than my life he was like the oxygen to me and he loved me so much and hen i knew that he is the only one i really want to spend my entire life with . and we spent the best 3 years in our lifes 


  one day in the morning he called my and i was going to college while he  was coming to me he had a really bad accident and he died


 now i write this after 3 years on his death and every day i imagine that he is waiting me to come to him , every night i imagine that I'm save in his arms

when i have any problem i imagine that he will come to tell me that every thing is gonna be OK. i miss his smell ,i miss when he hold me and reset my head on his chest , i miss his touch over my hand and my checks, i miss the taste of his lips , i miss him


 i wanna swear now that i won't be to anybody else just you and I'll consider that the pain i have to live with and then meet you again in heaven to live happily ever after


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