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      The angel king


when i met you, you were just a shy boy

you hardly ever talk

i know your childhood has left your heart broken

but you gave me a chance

before you gave up

i am broken too

don't you see?

we can save each other

don't kill yourself

there is a life for me and you

i am not perfect i know

but i will live for you, i will be your princess

in your kingdom

i will be your mommy

your best friend

your pet

god you are smart

anything i ask you can answer

so modest too

you think you are worthless

but you will change the world

lay in my arms

we have so many secrets together

the way you breath when you fall asleep with me

the way you hide your face when we cuddle, you're so shy

so sweet

like a little child

i can't live without you

all i hear is your voice

it saves me from doing stupid things

it makes me do stupid things

i am the only one to hear your soft voice

"i love you"

"don't leave me"

"we will grow old together"

"just stay 5 more minutes"

"i would die without you"

your first love

you are older than me

so you say i am your baby

you cry to me every night

whenever someone makes me cry you want to protect me

i feel so safe

we always knew we were soul mates

but now

you are gone

i will see your face some day again

i will hear your sweet voice

you wont believe how faithful i was

living the rest of my life as though you were still here

i was a good girl for you

your baby was good


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