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      Why Him?


I am only young and i guess i don't know how love really feels but every time i saw him or spoke to him over the internet or even face to face it would make me so happy and i thought about telling him how i feel and maybe how he would accept it and we could be happy but then... i realised the reality. he was a year above me in high school he pretended he didn't know me accept maybe sometimes looking at me or saying "hi" in his amazing voice. he was a bad boy a tough rebel who people were scared of. but when i saw him at our youth group and i got that precious hour with him he was a sweet kind caring boy eventually we swapped numbers and email addresses and we would talk for hours calling each other childish nicknames but i guess... we were just kids and now my love for him is so strong i wish i could tell him but we are slowly falling apart and every day we don't talk makes my heart break a little more and makes me think...

why him? why me? couldn't i love some other guy who actually cares about me? the answer is no i won't ever stop liking him because i am the only one who knows the real him but... he just doesn't know it yet.


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