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      Love at first sight?


I met a lovely girl on the web who lives close to me, she had been cheated on in the past which made it really difficult to let me in and get close to me. However I persisted and met up with her once. It was magic and I began to feel the spark again, it was definitely love at first sight. We clicked and had lots in common, it just felt so right. We then kissed outside the club we had met in. From then on it was hard for her to see me as I got the impression she wasn't ready as the excuses not to see me came in thick and fast whenever I asked her out again. Still, I gave her the opportunity to tell me to get lost if she wasn't interested, but she assured me she just needed time.


However recently she has just completely blanked me - not replying to my emails or texts. I don't get it. So I basically told her I would leave her to it and she could contact me if she wanted or when she's ready. She told me a lot of stuff which stupidly I believed and really thought she wanted to take it further with me. I haven't hounded her with texts as she asked me not to cut her out. But I just don't get a response from her.


Now I am left in the dark and feeling a little low, I have never experienced love at first sight but it does happen even if its swift. I hope one day she will sort herself out and call me, because from what I saw of her she was great. In the meantime if I meet someone else I won't hold back. I'm just feeling unbelievable heart ache and grief at the moment.


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