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      Too Late


This is a story of a Father and a daughter. They were inseparable. There bond was like no other. They did everything together. One day the daughter grew very ill. Panicking, the father rushed her to the E.R. After extensive tests and blood work, they were told that her kidneys were failing. The father was devastated. The waiting list for kidney transplants was at least 2 years. On a whim, the father asked if he could be tested to see if he was a match. A few days later the results came back and sure enough, he was a perfect match. They went to the operating room immediately. As they were being prepped for surgery, the father looked over and took his daughters hand and said " don't worry honey, everything will be fine, I will be right here beside you no matter what happens." He knew in his heart, if she died, so would he. He told her he loved her, and surgery commenced with father and daughter still holding hands. About 2 hours into surgery, the little girls heart stopped. The doctors frantically tried to resuscitate her. After 1 minute had passed, the doctors still having no luck, the father's heart stopped as well. Both surgical teams were in a panic. Finally after 3 minutes, the little girl's heart began beating again. Sadly, the father could not be revived. They sewed the little girl up and wheeled her into recovery. After she awoke she asked to see her daddy. The nurse replied" Honey, your daddy is up in heaven now, looking down on you , but if you close your eyes, you will feel him with you always." The father never knew his little girl woke up. He felt her death within his heart and wanted to be there at the gates of heaven to hold her hand. This is a true story.  


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