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      How could i have been so wrong!!


i met my ex boyfriend over a year and half ago, towards the end we were having a few arguments but deep down i always thought that he loved me as much as i loved him... how i could have been so wrong..

a week after we had separated he has switched off all his feelings all of a sudden he doesn't love me anymore, I'm so sad and hurt that he is not bothered..

i have seen him chatting to other girls when im in the same place as him, he has just ignored me when he is out and it feels that the last week when he was telling me that he loves me it's all a lie, feel like i have been stupid..

I'm now going to move to Australia with my friend, he knows but has not made any effort to sort things out.. so it just proves i got him all wrong..

i do not want to feel upset, or heart broken, just want to forget about him like he has with me, but it's how to do that!!! hope i feel better soon.


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