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      He doesn't know


He doesn't really know what i felt when he told me that he's got someone else. I just smiled right in front of the computer screen and with much enthusiasm, I told him "How can i get mad at you? I'm practically not there beside you." I didn't let him know that it was a big deal, i just... pretended. It was easy. It was. Not until i saw "her" picture. I felt hopeless again for some weeks. And for the first dew days, his name just kept ringing in my head. For some days, he made me sad. For some days, he made feel bad. And for some days, i made a lot of daydreaming.

This is the 2nd time he has done this to me. This is the 2nd time, he made me feel I don't deserve the title "BEST GIRL/WOMAN in the WHOLE WORLD." Well i admit that in the past, we didn't really hang out that much, though i tried making or dropping a call so we could talk for an hour or so. I tried. But I don't think he understood what I was going through during those times. I was in the verge of getting crazy because of my parents situation. Did you even try to understand me? Did you? I tried to understand you then.. And what do i get? A reply from you saying: Hey you know what, I've got a new Gf." And just a month ago, he told me, "he's got someone else and he's starting to like her."

yeah, thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for breaking my heart big time. 2nd time.

And thanks for making me realize a lot of things.

Oh dear. I know. this time around, i can actually feel I'm being weighed down by his words and the memories that he left in my head.


I just want you to know that even though you've hurt me in the past, even though I'm still dwelling on the past, even though I know I don't have you anymore and even though right now I'm still attach to these feelings, I will never forget how we spent our summer just watching all those movies together as if theres no tomorrow, just how we had all those petty fights and weird laugh trips and of course, the lessons in life that you have taught me that I will forever treasure.

Finally, I can now say, I hope you're happy with her.


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