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      It's Simple So Why Is It So Hard...


It's simple.. i like a boy, he doesn't know, and probably will never know, or that's what you think. Liking someone is complex you want to tell the world but on the other hand you want to keep it a secret. if it's so simple why is it soooooo hard. before i go any father with my opinion on this, i'll tell you my story. I have known this boy for like hmm.. lets see forever, and i have liked him since hmm.. lets see it started about mid sixth grade ( i'm in seventh now ), he is a couple months older than me and in eigth grade. Now its simple oh he's the one i love the one i want to marry, i'll write all over my bider his name ill tell the world and then we will go out and kiss and live happily ever after; well here is where reality kicks in.. the chance of that happening for me are great but not 100%. i mean i really like this boy, its serious, i have had dreams about him, us getting married, having kids.. well not that far but you know the real deal; the problem is he lives like 20 miles away in another city. i only see him once or twice if lucky three times a year but i think about him 24/7. it's hard to deal with the fact that there is a chance that he may like another girl and go out with her and love her and all that and i will have to move on, but there is also a chance that he could like me and is just waiting to see if i like him to and we could get together and all that good stuff. but it's complicated, i so badly want to call his house, ask for him, then burst out my feelings, but i have a couple problems: one, i can't date till i'm 16; two, as i said before he lives miles away, and three, my whole family thinks of him as a dork and weird because he had glasses and braces and is like known to be wierd ( his whole family is like funny and cool ). I try so hard not to tell anyone but i was just about to blurt it out to my uncle tonight when he asked " so do you have any boy friends " i would of loved to say no but i really like a boy name @#%^&! **&% #$&! but i cant. let me tell you why. there has been this little joke since i was about five and this boy was five or six that we were madly in love and we liked each other and all that. well my family used to teases me jokingly about it and it would get me mad and i would always say " he is geeky and scary looking and his nose looks weird " well to tell you the truth i started having feelings for this guy like a year ago and they won't go away!! see when we used to go out to dinners with my parents and his parents and our brothers and sisters ( because my parents and his parents were friends way before we were born ), and we would occasionally get together and have dinner at our house or theirs or out and the boy that i like would always sit next to me or straight across from me and look at me and tell me these weird stories about him losing teeth and what not. well i started liking him and then we would not see each other for months and i would like him and then we would again and i would like him and so on, well recciently at my older sisters birthday they were there and i realized " wow i really do like this guy " and it made me uncomfortable to look at him and see any part of him, so i just avoided him which now i regret. i probably won't see him for a while and it makes me sad, but happy to know that i have someone to look forward to seeing on the fridge. well if you have a any comments message me on comments no bad mean stuff. this boy i like is sweet cute ( well i think he is)oh, and different , we like alot of the same stuff ,and i hope that when i am a little bit older and more less embarrased to do things i will be able to tell someone other then just on friend that i like this boy. oh and to this boy if you ever come on this sight my name is Samantha.


 Samantha  :)


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