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      A Love That Shouldn't Be


We started hanging out as friends as we had both met through an ex-boyfriend of mine.  He was new to my town and was befriended by my ex.  The more the three of us hung out, I realized that he had become attracted to me.  My ex and I maintained a friendship, but to my ex, it was more than just friendship.  He thought that we would eventually end up back together. 


Needless to say, I have also become extremely attracted to this new friend.  So much so that there isn't a day that goes by that I do not think of him.  We both maintain a respectful friendship because of my ex, but we both know of our attractions to each other.  I care for him a lot more than I have ever cared for my ex.


I used to think that people were idiotic to start a relationship with their ex's friend(s), but now I know how it could happen.  It happens when you least expect it.  The heart does not know of discrimination or rules.  I only pray that this is just a passing crush and it will all be over soon.


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