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      My never ending love for him


i was at tutor one day when i met this guy.he was shorter then me, but i didn't mind.he was a shy person but yet he still has courage to do whatever he wants. unlike me i was shy when i was around him.everyone time he came i would go all embarrassed and wouldn't even dare talk to him.I've been likeing him from yr 3 to yr 6 now.


until one day i saw him at my public school. he told our whole school that he transfered to our school and is now going there everyday. i was so happy because i knew i had a chance to express my feelings with him but i couldn't do so. i was likeing him so much that i didn't know i was falling in love with him. i was so happy when he came to my class. he told us that he was in my class and from now on we were going to be classmates.


i was so in love with him that one day i did the most stupidest thing a girl could do even though i looked smart form the outside image. i started to spread out this rumour that i liked this guy, except it wasn't the guy that i loved but it was another guy. they all fell for it until one day when we were going to celebrate our yr formal.


the guy that i loved came up to me and asked me if i could go to the formal with him. i was shocked to see that he asked me to go with him because he told the whole grade that he like my best friend. i asked him why his asking me but not my best friend. he told me that he only made that up to make me notice him. i was so shocked so i told him the truth as well. in the end we both started laughing at how stupid and crazy we were to do that to make the person notice us.i told him that I've liked him since yr 3 and to my surprising he told me the same thing and said that he never had the courage to tell me the truth until his friends helped him out to asked me to the formal. i said that the first time i saw him in my tutor it was like love at first sight for me but i was always a shy person and didn't dare talk to anyone about my life but only to my twin sister. i told him that he was my very first crush and true love after saying that i was so shy and i couldn't believe that i told him about my feelings that i started to run away from all the craziness and thought i was dreaming telling myself that i was in a crazy dream and when i wake up it will all end.


i ran and ran till i ran near the bus stop and suddenly I felt an arm grabbing me from behind and to my surprise it was the guy that I liked. He held onto my arm so tight that I quickly shoved his hands of my arm and continued running until he told me to stop. He ran after me and stopped behind my path. He whispered in my ears saying ‘I love you’. I started to cry knowing that he loved me as much as I have loved him. He told me that I was the only one for him and told me that I was his first loved one and he will never love anyone else but only me. When he said that sentence I felt like the happiest person on earth turned around to face him and gave him a hug that Ive never given anyone before. At that moment I felt the warmth go through my body. I didn’t know that just one hug could make my whole body feel the emotions. Then I ended up holding his hands walking to school together and went to the formal with him.


Even though I was young back then I am now 13 years old and turning 14 in 3 more days. I know that he will always be in my heart and that no matter where I go I will always think of him as my one and only true love. We are now both in yr 8 and still love each other with all our hearts and I just hope that one day you guys who are reading this will have a true love of your own.


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