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      Worlds apart


I thought love could conquer all things even the inevitable fact that your one true love lives in another country. Well it seemed i was wrong because he chose to cheat on me when i travelled back to see him and then he told me he was doing for my good to prove that he loves me and would not have

done what he did if i was not in the country.


he also said that it was his way of showing me that he respects me, so i did what any red blooded woman who is angry subconsciously would have done and i put all his stuff in storage while he was at work.


we broke up, 2 weeks later we got back together  and after failed attempts to get back to the level of love and trust that existed between us before we then broke up again and i am finding it hard to get over it. sad aright


anyway life must go on......... coz' love is not the absence of affection but the misdirection of ones outlook



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