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      I Found Everything I wanted


It was In the early months of the summer. I was in a horrible relationship that i was looking for away out of, but knowing me couldn't have to guts or will to say "were Done". I was so unhappy and my life was surely going nowhere. I stuck through the emotional abuse, because frankly I though No One would ever Love me. I had no Self confidence do to my prior boyfriend. I was a Unhappy person Until The day I met Him. He Happened to be My Boyfriends Best friend I Had heard so much about. It was a summer night, And I was at my sisters house. My boyfriend called to see where i was, but to my sup rise his best Friend Tyler was on the other end. I said Jay Who's that? He said that Tyler. I said Hey how u doin, And Ever since then Me and Tyler talked everyday. Me and My boyfriend Jay Would have our problems he'd yell, I'd Cry. One day i decided I trusted Tyler enough to tell him how i was feeling.It had been a few months since we started talking. I told him everything,How He miss treats me and how much I wanted out. He told me everything he said was not true. He told me How Any guy would be crazy to not want me. I never thought A guy would ever say that to me. He told me i amazed him and he's never met someone like me. I realized tears came to my eyes. The weeks went by and me and Tyler became closer than ever. We developed a bond

that I have never shared with anyone before. We started talking on the phone every night, about anything and tlk about past relationships wishes and regrets. He confessed how much I  meant to him and i did in return. I found myself falling in love with him. Yes, I realized He was jay's Best friend. But I had never felt like this before. I had this feeling that he'd never hurt me It was just the best feeling. He became My best friend And I was his. I hadn't met him yet but i was soon going to. Jay Soon realized how close we had become but i wasn't going to stop it. I had a good feeling about him and i wasn't letting go for the world. One night Jay had freaked Out On me got down on me and made me cry. I called Tyler and told him everything. But i Just couldn't stop crying. He told me honey Its all going to be alright It will.I told him it wont No one will ever Love me. He said Well To tell you the truth i truly have fallen in love with you. You are such a special, beautiful girl and you really don't deserve this. That was the night that i completely fell in Love with him. I knew that what he said to me wasn't just a line. He meant it. Since the first day he met me he never even looked at another girl. I knew this was special. The weirdest part was I usually have big trust issues. But with him I just let go of it. It was just this feeling.I knew from that day he was different.The next Day Jay Felt bad so I went to the mall with him with My sister. To my surprise he brought Tyler. I was excited to finally see him.when We first saw each other It was defiantly Love at first sight.Hes smile and the way He looked in my eyes. That day I lost all my fear Of jay.All my feelings went away.The following weekend was

4th of July and i went to go watch the fireworks with jay and Tyler.Me and Tyler just couldn't keep our eyes off each other. We were definitely in love. Jay saw it too. Everyone saw it.That was the first time in my life that i knew someone wanted to really love me. The next day me and Jay broke up many times he tried to get me back but i had finally had the guts to say no.Tyler and me are now dating. We have been for a while now.He is the best thing that ever happened to me. I trust him with everything and i really couldn't live without him. Hes taught me so much and has really brought my confidence back. I can truly say I'm in love and very happy.Its the way he kisses me and the way he holds my hand. Id do anything for him and he'd do the same in return.Hes My future.True Love does exist.I no Longer Talk to Jay His jealousy got the best of him.I've never been happier.






I Love You Tyler.






To all girls that are loosing hope.

someone does love you out there.


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