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      Distroyed In His Love And Passion 2


I wrote my love story on the day that he was leaving and now I'm writing a second part to it and how lonely and hurt i feel.Since the day he said she wont come online anymore i online saw he online once bu chance which i had to beg him to talk to me and i begging him so much and crying so badly and he finely talked to me...and after that i have been waiting online day and nights but he never comes online i send him emails and offline begging him all along to come and just talk to me for 5 minutes because i can't live without him, but he doesn't come online and the day he did i was begging soo much but he kept saying no what has happened was supposed to happen until i don't prove to your sister that i really love you and not just playing with you i wont come online or ring you or email or message you.It's really hard it kills me...i don't know what to do who to tell how much I'm going through and he made me swear on his life i won't tell anyone about this that he has decided not to talk until he doesn't prove that he really wants me and isn't playing me....:I'm so hurt without talking to him my days are like hell i have begged me him all could i have cried all i could but he just wont change his decision and i think I'm going to die soon if he don't come back...i need help please someone help me please tell me how to get him back i really love him and i really can't live without him if he don't come back i'l die please i need help tell me how to bring him back...:'((((


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