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      Second time around


Barry was my first love ten years ago. He found other interests because he was a little older and more experienced. He broke my heart.

Fast forward 10 yrs and I find myself answering the phone to hear his voice. We talk for about 5 months then he comes to visit me in my new city. After a few months of his "visit" we declare our undying love and he shows unconditional love for my son.

I couldn't believe I was getting a second chance at love! Fast forward a year. I am pregnant again, he is always on the chat lines when he is at his job, I catch him in lies all the time but he always has an excuse for his actions.

I have snubbed family and friends to be with him. They saw something when I was unable to open my eyes to this man. Now I know what I have to do. I have to leave but for some reason I just am not ready yet.


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