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      The Age difference is my heartache


So i met the man that i now love because we both work together, to make a long story short we started seeing each other and had been for a year, But not the kind of relationship normal people have it was more of a secret. So I grew to love him so much that i have never felt this way toward anyone else. When recently he told me that we couldn't see each other anymore because he cant deal with the age difference (he is 25 plus years older). But unlike him i don't care about any of that, all i know is that i love him so much and wanted to spend the rest of my life with this man. so i did what any women would do I professed all of my love to him, and it still did not matter. So now i  have to see this man that i love everyday at work and know that we are not together. He says he wants to be he just cant because he thinks i would not want him anymore after a couple of years.. so now i am the one with  a broken heart and hope that one day he would realize that i would have loved him forever.



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