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He's been my friend for almost a month. He was my cousin's skating friend. In the first place I never really like him that much he was that boastful and very airy about his skateboarding tricks.I never really mind about it.

One day he accidentally text my number it says "hi Russ! where've you been we've been looking for you in Natio but you weren't there"

he didn't know that was my number he was texting. I (as the idiot) replied to his wrong sent SMS. "pssst..dumb!this is not  Russel's number!"

Eventually the love story started there.


That was like a fairytale weve been texting all the way down to midnight. One good day came that was June 30, 2006(can't afford to forget) i texted him to come over in one of the cafe that we used to share a bottle of beer or two. He didn't replied for a couple of hours. Good thing we stayed there for long, that was three hours ago were alittle bit dizzy and drunk already he texted me that he wants to come over (why noT!?!).


After a couple of more bottles we actually got really drunk and spilling of "i love you " from our own mouth. That may sound funny or what but that's what happen.



I never ever thougt that we will be getting serious as going far as one year and a half now.We have bad tmes and good times, you cannot actually get rid of those reality bites!



it's been a great experience waking along with him in going to the park and sharing funny and serious dilemmas that we always have.


I LOVE YOU JERK! I know you know that take care always.













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