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      Love at First Sight.


i was a freshmen and he was a senior, it was arund valentines day.

I saw him. I KNEW for a fact he would mean something. maybe it was love at 1st sight i dont know?. My Best Friend gave him my number and said i can tell you like my friend Sam. So he called me everyday that week. and then the next Friday and Saturday i went to his house. After the 1st hour of being there on friday, i could tell i was going to love him. well Saturday he got locked up. i cried forever.(well actually a couple days). But he got out that Tuesday. I was so so happy to see him at school. We walked to class together hung out at lunch together, sneaked kisses in the hallways when the teacher wasnt looking. Man it was great. we went out about a month. then he broke it off with me. well it was spring break and i decied i was going to go out and party with my ex boyfriends. i just kissed them but still he found out about it and said i was cheating.even though we werent together. He still didnt get that through his head. we didnt talk for a whole 2 weeks. spring break and the week after that. Finally i got drunk and called him and told him how much i i missed him. He was going to come over but then my mom came home. So we just talked on the phone. We talked about everything, spring break how he is sorry for breaking my heart. and how much he really did care about me and how scared he was. he was never in a relationship were it wasnt about sex. Well he asked me to come over to his house. i did. i tried to say we were just friends, so we started to watch a movie.he kept trying to kiss me like old times. but i wouldnt let him, i just kept sayin we are just friends. Finally i guess he got tired of me denying him all thl that time. so he got up and was like BABY I MISS YOU YOUR MINE AND IM NO SHARING YOU! me being my stubborn self was like no one owns me. then he just pinned me on his bed and kissed me. and said now if you dont want me then we will finish watching this movie. but if you do lets talk. Well after that kiss ALL the feelings came back. and i wanted him more than ever.So of course we started dating agian. we had to hide it from my mom so i would lie to her all the time. i regret that. my mom got sent to the hoispital so i stayed with him. it was easter. that day i deiced i want to share something with him i never shared with anyone before.its something you can only give once. yes my virginty. after that we were inseperatable. my mom knew that she couldnt stop me so let me be with him. well that lasted about 3 more months and we broke up. right before school ended . So the whole summer was ruined so i thought. I meet a boy name tyler and he has help me get over him. but i still love my ex with a ll my heart. and i still dream of him every night..

he still has my heart and i thinkhe will forever. its been almost 4 months .

Me and tyler have been together about a month  and a half. he says he loves me but i just cant say it back. i built a barier and hopefully one day it will be gone.


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