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      I am happy but confused .. WHY SHE DID THIS TO ME (PART II)


earlier i had my story here with a title called WHY SHE DID THIS TO ME ....


i am very happy and i was waiting for this day only but i am totally confused too that how to understand a girl.. as i mentioned in my previous story that she started hating me and whenever i tried to talk to her or called her up she disconnected the line just seeing my number or just after listening to my voice .. yesterday i called her up again and when she picked up the phone i was not able to speak a word with a fear that she will disconnect the line but by anyhow i started the talk saying that  HI HOW ARE YOU.. she pitched me that who is that i said its me abhay and she replied happily   saying that she is good. i was too happy but totally shocked my whole body was shivering and what all i said was thanks for replying.she asked me that how was my parents and all. i was confused coz i was not able to believe on my ears and was trying to end up with the call but she continued  for 20 minutes  than i said that i am in my office and i ended up with the call.while disconnecting the line she said that she was sorry for that day and for what all she said to me.. today is the second day and i dint called her up,my heart was willing alot but i dint called up with a fear that while having a talk if again any thing went wrong or again her words are changed.. still i thank to God and to all those who prayed for me..

what all i need from you people is a suggestion that what should i do now...please  suggest me something that if i call her up than with what should i start and also my cell number is changed and she dnt have it  so how should i give her my new number ..


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