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      Soul-mate story real and true (Patience is a virtue) waited 5 years


I was 31 he was 21 we met in the summer time, I walked into a pizza restaurant in New York, i dropped my Purse on Purpose and He refused to pick it up, I was so..embarrassed. I picked up my purse and dashed off into the dark night he remained on my mind but not in a good way, Time grew further and further and to my surprise that very same guy was placed on my path again I was walking by his job for a solid year without realizing that the door man of the club near that pizza restaurant was the same guy who refused to pick up my purse for heart hit the floor He saw me and took off, into the Bar I was shaking and confused, so every weekend I would pass by and he'd see me and take off running again.

one night I decided to go into the bar and he was there His gaze was fixed on me the entire time I was there. I realized this guy was shy and that was all, He loved me at first sight. as I loved Him at first sight. I dropped my purse and he rushed to pick it up for me, He looked at me and said call me here's my number. I called him a week later we went out a couple of times but always with his brothers and friends. One day we met in the afternoon and he told me that being with me alone felt right to him, Told him that I believed i was falling in love with him and he said he was not ready hear that, and that h just didn't make the kinda money to keep a girl like me. I replied, " That's what lovers do, we help each other", He began to push me away slowly, yet would drive long distances to be there for me when I was stranded in another state. The last I saw him was about a year after he rescued me from being stranded, He said he just could be with me, I asked was it me was he gay He said no to both He said that he was not ready but would I wait for him. I said yes ...(Update) I just recently went to see him on his new job, He is a huge boss and make a killing he was so happy to see me it was the first time that I could see all the love in eye's for me I told him loved him and that someday we would get married, h laughed I asked him he loved me and said for years now, Again he said, needed me to understand that we just can't be together right now. I moved on with my life and to my surprise He appeared on the internet with a full cover story of how well he was doing in his field, I gasped and called to congrat him abd was told that he'd been tranferred no-one knew where. I later got him on the phone and he said soon Hee'd be getting married my heart fell through the floor, Hsaid the lady was an old crush Hecould afford to take care of that lady is me. we're planning our big day right now.


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