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This story is about a girl who never had a relationship. Whenever a guy approaches her, she never show interest to them. She is very happy with her life even though she is single, but as the time passed by she realized there's something missing in her life. She often feel depressed and sad but didn't understand why.

One time when she was in a convenient store, he noticed a guy. He seemed nice and friendly. He approached her but because she wasnt comfortable around guys, she just smiled and walked away, but the guy followed her and asked her if he can do him a favor. She was a little bit surprised but she stopped and asked the guy what he wants. The guy asked her that if she's willing to pretend to be his girlfriend just for a week. She was shocked but surprisingly she said yes. She was been so safe in her entire life and she wanted to do something unusual.

The guy asked her if she wanted to stay in his place and promise that he will never do anything to her. She agreed. Their first day together was really fun, they cleaned her room and watched movies together. And when it was time to sleep they just said goodnight to each other then went to their rooms separately. The next day was a blast, they went to a beach and ride a bicycle together. The guy likes to tease him and make fun of her being single at her age. She pretended to be hurt but she really like it when he teases him. The day went on and she realized she was falling for him. The last day came, and it was time to say goodbye. She wanted to cry and tell the guy that she doesnt want it to end but she restraint herself.

The guy was silent the whole day until the time she packed her things. He went to her and told her that he will miss her. And then he carried her bags to the door. The girl couldn't stop herself anymore, she hugged the guy and told him that she's in love with him. The guy just smiled and then kiss her forehead.....


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