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      A New Beginning II


I have decided to start a new chapter at this point to my story. My ex , who I was with for 5 years, calls me the other day. He tells me that he is sorry for what he did, and he wanted to get back together and try to have more kids, even though I am still recovering from losing my last two children. I am in shock that this abusive , arrogant, jerk would have the nerve to call me. So, I tell him first off, I will never go back with him. I have finally found happiness in my life with a guy who treats me like a woman and doesn't control me. Second, I tell him, he would make a horrible father, and third, I deserve better. He starts going off saying all a woman is good for is to have babies and stay at home and cook/clean. Just for moot points, my dad and I are loggers as well as knife makers and jewelry makers, my ex could not stand that I did more physical labor than he did. Back to the story, I say well, the way I look at it is a woman is mostly just as able to do something as a man. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a feminist but I think a woman knows her limits. And I am the type that wants to go out and work for a living. And your man should respect that. And if you would rather stay at home while your man works, that's fine too. Its all about respecting each others decisions. At this point, I had had enough of his ranting, so I told him "Suck it up, and be a man, because only men who have alot of insecurity about themselves find it necessary to abuse women. There is no room for you in my life and I dont want you in my life anymore. " And I hung up. He hasn't called since. I told my new boyfriend about it and he patted me on the back and said "give him hell baby!" He supports my goal of going to college to be a nurse, and when my dad and I are out in the woods cutting logs, he is right there beside me. And I want to thank you for the comments on my story, I dont want anyone to have to go through what I did, and for those who have stood up and said Im not going to take the abuse, we stand tall.....


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